Learn to manœuvre your own sled, work with the pack, and follow the guide on an unforgettable adventure in the heart of Charlevoix’s winter!

Small groups – Individual sleds

Also included, a visit of our kennel, located in the highlands of Baie-Saint-Paul, which was specifically tailored to meet the needs of our dogs.

Our adventures require a good physical condition.

Dog sledding

Choose your adventure

The kennel in Baie-St-Paul

Become a part of the pack

Massif of Charlevoix

From December 21st to January 15th
and from February 15th to March 15th 2020

What is the experience like?

An adventure tale

Departure time is approaching. They feel it, they know it, excitement rises. The dogs bark and leap with pleasure. They’ll be running: their greatest passion!

One by one they take their place at the starting line. The strongest first, the fastest next, And lastly, heading proudly to the front of the pack, the leading dog. Each place has its respective role. With a mixed display of discipline and impatience, they wait. Mushers take their place. Feet on the brakes, they’re excitement is often as palpable as that of the pack. Foot on the break.

Departure time is approaching, the tension is at its peak! Hop ! Let’s go! The guide gives the signal and takes the lead. The teams follow behind. Reaching full speed, mushers must keep control of the sled and trust their dogs. Within a few seconds they become a team.

The dogs rush forward like cannonballs. Up to 40 km/h, what a thrill! Their tremendous power is felt as they bolt through the snow.

Quickly, all is calm again.

Ouf ! Phew! The sled reaches its cruising speed. A small trot. It’s time to enjoy the ride!

Turn right, head downhill, climb up… In the lead, the guide demonstrates how to position yourself on the sled. It’s starting to feel comfortable, and beautiful synergy is formed with the pack. The dogs are giving us their very best.

Contemplating nature, the majestic boreal forest covered in a sheet of white, you witness winter in all its splendor. You hear the sound of the dogs’ paws in the snow, their breath, and the small wooden crackles of the sled…

Wow ! What a privilege to live this unique moment. What an emotional storm! Pride, wholeness, serenity, intense joy for some, gratitude for others… It is now clear: driving your sled in the Boreal forest,

You are the Reine et le Millionnaire!


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La Reine et le Millionnaire dog sledding in Charlevoix