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The Queen and the Millionaire, adventure all year round !

Discover our human-sized kennel nestled in the heart of Charlevoix. With us, animal welfare is a constant concern. Our thirty Nordic husky and Alaskan dogs benefit from a large enclosure to run each day. As soon as the snow covers our trails, the dog sledding season kicks off. Our trademark: each his own sled! Don’t spend half of your ride sitting in someone else’s sled, and take control of your own team for the duration of your adventure.


After driving training, follow the guide through our private forest trails. They cross this breathtaking scenery of snow-capped boreal forest, which suddenly leads to magnificent unobstructed views of Baie Saint Paul and the River. Live an unforgettable adventure! Once the snow is gone, the dogs stay active. Running is their great passion. Make way for the cani-scooter, an original way to walk in the forest! Experience thrills with your adventure companion at the controls of one of our all-terrain scooters. Direction the paths of the Caps, where something new awaits you: a short swimming stop in the lake. Are you looking forward to it?
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Home 15-06-23
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A unique dog sledding experience in Charlevoix

  • La Reine et le Millionnaire offers a range of 4-season dog sports, dog sledding and cani-scooter.
  • Our activities are supervised by professional and certified guides.
  • Respect for animal welfare is at the heart of all our practices.
  • Our kennel can be visited all year round by reservation.
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