Answers to the most common questions!

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.”
Respect the 3 layers theory:
– The first layer sticks to the skin and must let moisture evacuate. Avoid cotton and opt for technical underwear that you find in sports shops.
– The second layer acts as an insulator. Polar jackets, for example, are a good choice. It is an intermediate layer that can be removed if necessary.
The third layer serves as protection against wind, snow and rain, and should keep moisture out. Thinner and waterproof clothes (Gore-Tex) are the best option.
And my feet?
Non-slip winter boots, which are lined and waterproof.
For your comfort, we offer polar hoods as well as hand and feet warmers!
As with any sports activity, it’s important to have the proper equipment (see clothing section). Bring a bottle of water because the driving of the sled dog requires some physical effort 😉
A snack? It’s a good idea in case you need to gain strength before the activity, or as a little reward afterwards.
As with any other outdoor activity, some risks exist, but we have gone to great lengths to make our trips as safe as possible.
Our guide is always connected to the Massif’s team of rescuers via radio.
We will help you love them!
Our dogs are extremely affectionate and want your affection in return!
You can approach them safely with our guide who will happily play matchmaker!

It’s not an obligation! The activity is for everyone and for all levels of physical ability: we’re the ones who will adapt the activity to you and not the other way around.
That’s why we have a lot of questions to ask you. We guarantee a tailor-made experience that will offer you the best possible time.
We accept CREDIT cards ( VISA and MASTERCARD) , DEBIT cards and cash payments.
30% of the total amount will be charged at the time of booking and is non-refundable.
Last-minute cancellations affect us, so we must apply the following conditions:
Within 15 days to 48 hours of the activity: 50% of the balance due will be taken
Within 48h: 100% of the balance due will be charged

We try!
But of course, we will never risk your safety or that of our dogs.
If we judge that an excursion can be dangerous, due to cold weather, an ice storm an extreme snow storm, we might have to cancel it. In such circumstances, you will be informed as soon as possible, you will be completely refunded,
and we will give you a new appointment whenever possible.


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​« One of the best experiences you can have with dogs! Not only do you get to bond with these animals, but the cani-trottinette is a unique experience too. The team is energetic and kind, offering a smooth experience to newbies. All in all a fun ride! »
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​« Cani-trottinette. What an amazing experience and so much fun. I am not sure who had more fun- the dogs or us! I cannot recommend this activity more highly. Very well organised, smiles and laughter galore and best of all...the dogs. Wow...so much pleasure on their faces! Thank you Alex and your team. We will be back! »
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A unique dog sledding experience in Charlevoix

  • La Reine et le Millionnaire offers a range of 4-season dog sports, dog sledding and cani-scooter.
  • Our activities are supervised by professional and certified guides.
  • Respect for animal welfare is at the heart of all our practices.
  • Our kennel can be visited all year round by reservation.

Offer our adventures! Our gift cards can be used for all our activities, summer and winter.