Terms and conditions

Booking conditions and cancellation policy

Our dog sledding practice is quite sporty, since everyone drives their own sled.

Driving your own sled requires good physical condition.

For excursions of 1 hour or less, one person can embark with the guide. It must weigh less than 80 kg.

We are always available to inform you and recommend the outing best suited to your abilities.

If your guide does not consider you able to complete the reserved route safely, he will adapt it, may shorten it to avoid a difficult passage.

The price of the outing will remain that specified at the time of your reservation.


For any online reservation, an amount of $50 will be taken, this amount is not refundable.

The balance due will be payable on the spot in cash, credit card or debit.

cancellation conditions

Last-minute cancellations affect us greatly, the following conditions apply:

Cancellation at no additional cost up to 15 days before your arrival date.

From 15 days to 48 hours before the activity : 50% of the amount due will be taken

After 48 hours : 100% of the amount due will be deducted

plan your visit
Useful information

Wear appropriate footwear!
Good winter boots are essential. NOT ANKLE BOOTS or hiking shoes.

Anti-slip, lined and waterproof.

It is useful to cover yourself with layers of clothing because the practice of the sledding can make you warm!

If you need advice, see the FAQ section of our website

We are in the woods, so it is useful to plan to bring a bottle of water and possibly a snack.

Where to go?

meeting point

Meet us 15 minutes before the start time at the top of the MASSIF DE CHARLEVOIX: 455 Route 138, Petite Rivière Saint Francois.

Take this road, to the station: we are located on the right in the P1 car park.

An orange light flashes above Highway 138 and shows you the entrance to the Massif Road.

You have an appointment with Alex: (418) 219-8120

WARNING: Any significant delay may result in the activity being cancelled at your expense.

Cancellation of the activity

We go out in all weathers… well almost 😉

A cancellation of the activity is possible, if some extreme conditions compromising your safety, or that of our dogs (Extreme cold, violent storm).

In case of cancellation, you will be notified as soon as possible, and refunded the amount paid in advance, we will schedule a new appointment with you, if possible.

La Reine et le Millionnaire Enr. reserves the right to accept or not the request to transfer an activity for one, and will not accept the transfer of an activity for weather reasons if conditions are deemed safe.

Looking forward to bringing you the PURES SENSATIONS of dog sledding!